Trump’s White Nationalist Republicans

October 5, 2018

Racial appeals had more to do with the electoral success of the Republican Party than all of the tax breaks, deregulation of industry, and global trade policies crafted by all the neocon graduates of exclusive ivy league educational institutions.

Going back to 1964, Republican Presidential Campaigns appealed to white voters using coded racial terms. Candidates feigned support for the other “social issues” that motivated the evangelical white voter, issues such as abortions, school prayer and immigration.

Whether it was Nixon’s Southern strategy, Ronald Reagan kicking off his general election campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, or the Willie Horton ad from George H. W. Bush, Republican candidates have with varying extent used race to separate the white voter.

However, once elected the promises made to white evangelical voters were never high on the Republican policy agenda. A disconnect between the Republican Presidential candidates on the campaign trail, and the Republican candidate in office developed.

Trump exploited this disconnect by openly campaigning on race, and championing policies favored by white working class voters afraid of cultural displacement. When Trump was elected he actually began to implement policies other Republican President had only promised. As he signs legislation into law, and at political rallies Trump continues to remind voters of each campaign promise he has kept.

Before Donald Trump, the Republican Party was a majority conservative party, with a white nationalist fringe. Now the Republican Party is a white nationalist party, with a conservative fringe.

Republicans, fiscally conservative, free trade, minimal government Republicans, made a Faustian bargain with Donald Trump; give us the judges, Supreme Court Justices and tax cuts we want, and we’ll look the other way, at your racism, your xenophobia, and your insanity.

A similar bargain in was made a little over one hundred and forty years ago when Republican abandoned newly freed slaves in the Hayes – Tilden Compromise. Rutherford B. Hayes became the President, and Southern Democrats promised to respect the political and civil rights of African-Americans when all federal troops were removed from Southern states. This effectively ended the era of Reconstruction and consolidated Democrat control of the south and lasted until the mid-1960s, when white southerners because of civil rights legislation switched and became Republicans. With the federal presence gone, disenfranchisement of African-American voters in the South became widespread, and Southern states passed segregation laws – Jim Crow – that remained effect until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Today nearly two-thirds (65%) of white working-class America believes the American way of life has deteriorated since the 1950s. Nearly half (49%) say things have gotten so far off track that we need a strong leader who is willing to break the rules if that is what it takes to set things right, nearly two-thirds (64%) of white working-class Americans have an authoritarian orientation. White working- class evangelical Protestants are more than twice as likely to have an authoritarian orientation than those who have no religious affiliation (82% vs. 39%, respectively)

A majority (56%) of white working-class evangelical Protestants qualify as “high authoritarian.” Majorities of white working-class Catholics (70%) and mainline Protestants (61%) also hold authoritarian orientations.

White working-class Americans who express concerns about the changing cultural landscape, such as the influence of immigrants, are much more likely to value authoritarian traits. More than seven in ten (71%) white working-class Americans who believe immigrants are a burden on American society have an authoritarian orientation. More than half (52%) of white working-class Americans believe discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.

So let’s just sum this up, we have Donald Trump as the head of a white nationalist Republican Party appointing judges to United States District, and Circuit Courts, attacking the press, the Attorney General, the Department of Justice, Mexicans, Native Americans, Women, Puerto Ricans, and African-Americans.

At the same time we two thirds of of white Americans believe their lives have deteriorated since the 1950’s. White working class evangelical Protestants, most Trump supports, have strong authoritarian tendencies, and about fifty percent believe we need a strong leader who is willing to break the rules.

The Republican Party must be destroyed!


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